100 Winning Duplicate Tips – For the Improving Tournament Player by Ron Klinger Master Bridge Series


Show how by understanding match-point scoring and adjusting your bidding and play to its demands, you can greatly improve your results. Paperback book for intermediate players. 144 pages.

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Many competent players are frustrated by an apparent inability to score well at duplicate pairs. No matter how hard they try, the secret of success seems to lie forever beyond their reach. The truth is that playing good Bridge is not enough to win at pairs. The regular winners are those who have learned to adapt their strategy to take account of the vagaries of match-point scoring. A small shift in emphasis can make a big difference to results.

In this book Australian expert Ron Klinger shows you how to do it. There are five sections covering:

  • constructive bidding
  • competitive bidding
  • opening leads
  • declarer play and defence

All sections are full of well-chosen example hands and sound advice. Put these tips into practice and your results are sure to improve.

In this new edition the original tips have been revised and updated. They have been bolstered with some new tips to reflect modern developments and so the book makes an ideal companion to the new edition of 100 Winning Bridge Tips.

About the Author

Ron Klinger is one of the world’s leading bridge teachers and writers with over Bridge books to his credit. He is also an Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master.

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