Better Balanced Bidding – The Banzai Method by David Jackson, Ron Klinger


An exciting book introducing the Banzai System – a new method of hand evaluation that will add a further dimension to Milton Work’s system – evolved by David Jackson (captain of the Irish international bridge team and noted statistician) and the legendary Ron Klinger (Australian Grand Master, World Bridge Federation International Master and probably the world’s leading bridge author and teacher). -The first book for over 75 years to update the current hand evaluation system. -The Banzai System extends the accuracy of hand valuation by including tens. -The system is of crucial importance when assessing balanced hands. -Eric Kokish, a leading American expert, has written the Foreword.

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Better Balanced Bidding – The Banzai Method is an important, and in some ways revolutionary, book. The Banzai Method advanced by David Jackson and Ron Klinger improves on the point count method by reassessing the relative values of the honour cards. Furthermore it adds a dimension to accurate hand evaluation by including the tens and is of crucial importance when assessing balanced hands.

According to Eric Kokish, an internationally respected American authority, who has contributed the Foreword, the many example deals are an eye-opener. When you finish this book, it is unlikely that you are going to look at your hand the same way as you have in the past.

The authors provide an easy-to-use hand valuation, which is bound to improve your results for balanced hands. Through many examples from international tournaments you will see how even the top players flounder on these hands. By the end of the book, if you adopt the methods recommended, you will be able to bid balanced hands much better than you do at present.

Paperback. 144 pages.

About the Authors

Ron Klinger, with more than forty outstanding Bridge books to his credit, is not only a leading teacher and international champion, but also a first class Master of Laws. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

David Jackson is the NPC of Irish Open team 2005-2012.

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