Better Bridge with a Better Memory – How Mnemonics will Improve your Game by Ron Klinger


A book to strengthen your memory in relation to the conventions you use and the strategies you employ in bidding and play. 96 pages.

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Better Bridge with a Better Memory from the same author who wrote the best book on aiding one’s recollection at the Bridge table: Improve Your Bridge Memory. Here Ron goes beyond the wide-ranging advice offered there and investigates one specific technique in detail in Better Bridge With a Better Memory.

The method demonstrated is mnemonics, and the author shows how that approach, already widely in use in naming agreements and providing clues to their details, can be applied to every phase of the game.

As is often the case in Klinger productions, many examples used to demonstrate the case at hand have interesting digressions, and thus provide a welcome variety of topics.

About the Author

Ron Klinger, with more than forty outstanding Bridge books to his credit, is not only a leading teacher and international champion, but also a first class Master of Laws. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

Paperback. 96 pages.

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