Bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures by Ron Klinger


No keen bridge player should be without this book. “Highly recommended” Bridge Magazine. 160 pages

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Bridge Conventions, Defences and Countermeasures by Ron Klinger covers the tricky topic of conventions.  Unless they are easily and clearly understood they can be destructively dangerous. Ron Klinger, one of the world’s top bridge teachers and authors, is a brilliant exponent of the subject.

This is the leading book on conventions for keen players.

‘Explains each convention, and goes on to show how it should be used, and covers the good and bad sides of its use. I felt the best part of the book (and the part which makes it stand out from any other book on conventions) was that, first, he shows how you might set out to make any conventional understanding difficult to use well, when employed against you. Then he discusses how best to counter these (and other) defensive measures used against you when you yourself have used the convention … Highly recommended.’ – Bridge Magazine

Paperback. 160 pages.

<h3>Author Biography</h3>
Ron Klinger is not only an international player, a winner of many prestigious Bridge championships and a well-known leading bridge journalist. He is also a Master of Laws, with First Class Honours, and has years of experience in teaching Bridge at all levels. He brings to his books the sharpness of a trained legal mind, together with the authority of a Grand Master and the understanding of a top teacher.


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