Chicago Scoring Table, Pocket Size


  • Score your games of Chicago correctly
  • Small size to fit in your wallet, purse or pocket
  • Includes Bonuses, Slam Scores and Doubled Contracts
  • Plastic laminated to be hard wearing and durable
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Pocket Size Chicago Bridge Scoring Table

Chicago bridge is a very popular version of the game, and with our Pocket Size Chicago Bridge Scoring Table, you can be sure of scoring your games of Chicago correctly. We have compiled all of the scoring information you need on this handy table, and laminated it for longevity. Scoring information includes Bonuses, Slam Scores and Doubles Contracts.

Size 6.6 x 10.6cm.

Do Honours Score in Chicago?

This is a hotly-debated question that we’ve been asked many times, with some players adamant in their point of view. We’ve always printed on our chicago score cards that Honours score, but there are alternative sources of score cards on the market that are printed incorrectly with the wording “Honors don’t score” which has led to the confusion.

The answer is, contrary to popular belief, that Honours do score in Chicago. It’s only games of Duplicate where Honours are not scored. This information has been verified by The Andrew Robson Bridge Club and the American Contract Bridge League.  You can rest assured that we take the time to research information before we print it, so you can trust both our Chicago Score Cards and our Pocket Size Chicago Bridge Scoring Table to be correct.

Chicago Bridge

The Standard Club of Chicago gave its name to Chicago bridge, or 4-deal bridge, from where this version of the game originated. There’s been a sharp rise in its popularity in the last few years. This is because it’s quicker to play. In Chicago bridge, a rubber is made up of just 4 deals which generally last around 20 minutes each. After 4 deals, it’s possible for players to join or leave the game, which makes Chicago more flexible than Rubber bridge if you have between 4 and 7 players and want to rotate the play (you can get guidance on how to add and rotate players from our Contract Indicator and Scoring Aid). Chicago bridge pre-determines the vulnerability for each deal:

  • On the first deal, neither side is vulnerable
  • With the second and third deals, only the dealer’s side is vulnerable
  • Finally, the fourth deal, both sides are vulnerable.

While the basic elements of scoring are similar to rubber bridge, their method of accumulation and recording differ slightly, and honours do score.


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