Dal Negro Large Round Gaming Table


Dal Negro, based in Italy, is a luxury brand of gaming equipment. We’ve long admired their beautiful range, which is unsurpassed in quality, design and craftsmanship by anything else we’ve found. This Large Round Gaming Table, made from Cherry, Toulipier and Beech woods looks like it’s just a fabulous piece of furniture, but lift the lid and reveal its secret… it’s a gaming table with a fantastic array of top-notch equipment beautifully and neatly stored away inside.

  • Made from beautiful cherry, beech and toulipier wood by true craftsman this is the ultimate in luxury gaming tables
  • Cleverly designed to hold many beautifully made traditional games and when not in use is a fantastic piece of furniture
  • Gaming nights will never be the same again
  • Stunning


Dal Negro Large Round Gaming Table

If you’re seeking a luxury gaming table that is beautifully made and unsurpassed in quality, then a Dal Negro Large Round Gaming Table is just for you. We’ve long admired the beautiful range of this luxury Italian brand, which is in a league of its own for quality and design. Every table they create is hand-crafted, with time, patience and the highest quality wood, by their skilled artisans. As a result, each piece produced is remarkable, that will captivate guests and become a talking point in your home.

Made from Cherry, Beech and Toulipier wood, the Dal Negro Round Gaming Table is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right. Most notably the Cherry-wood in particular gives it a spell-binding golden iridescence.

A secret is revealed under the lid – a gorgeous gaming table that contains a superb range of high quality equipment and gaming boards. Consequently you will have all that you need, to host your own fun games evening for friends. Furthermore because the contents of the table are made by Dal Negro, all of the equipment within it is of the highest quality and match the table perfectly.

Specification and Contents

  • Cherry-wood and toulipier-wood game table with removable legs in solid beech-wood
  • Table size when closed: 140cm diameter, height 80cm
  • Table size when open: 181cm, height 80cm
  • Green Baize Fabric Card Play Surface (70% wool)
  • An inlaid Chess/Draughts board: 40 x 40cm
  • An inlaid Backgammon board
  • 6 brass Ashtrays/Coasters
  • 1 set of 5 Staunton leaded boxwood Chess pieces: height of king 88mm
  • 30 boxwood Draughts/Backgammon pieces: diameter 35mm
  • 2 Dice Shakers (eco-leather)
  • 4 Standard Dice: 16mm
  • 1 Doubling Die: 20mm
  • 1 Mahogany Roulette Wheel: diameter 50cm
  • Roulette Layout
  • Black Jack Layout
  • 1 extendable Card Rake: 90cm
  • 790 assorted satin-finish PVC Gaming Chips/Counters, 44mm, dual printed, inside fabric bags
  • 2 packs of best quality 100% Acetate Poker Cards
  • 2 packs of 100% PVC plastic ‘Grand Slam’ Playing Cards
  • 6 packs of top-quality plastic Black Jack Playing Cards

Ordering , Lead Time and Delivery

This gaming table takes around 2 months of skilled workmanship to produce. We therefore advise you to allow between 45 and 50 working days, between placing your order and receiving your table. In addition, for ease of delivery to the room of your choice, tables arrive partly disassembled, but come with full clear instructions on how to complete the assembly.

Important Note: As this table is made to order and shipped to you direct from Italy, it’s non-returnable and non-refundable.


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