Dal Negro Compact Gaming Table


The small but perfectly formed Dal Negro Gorgone is packed full of luxury tabletop games including:

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Backgammon
  • Poker and italian playing cards
  • Dice and Dominos


Dal Negro Gorgone Compact Gaming Table

If you’re looking for a luxury gaming table with a small footprint. The Dal Negro Gorgone is the table for you. This expertly made table combines solid wood with a satin steel base, giving this fine piece of furniture a classic mid 20th century look. The small footprint means that it requires less floorspace, making it a more practical option for modern bijou homes.

Specification and Contents

  • Chess/checkers top: inlay of wenge, walnut and maple finishes
  • Backgammon top:inlay of wenge, walnut, maple and cherry finishes
  • Edge and legs in wenge finish
  • Satin steel base
  • Internal vain: grid in walnut finish base in colored microfibre
  • Table size: 64cm diameter height 69.5cm
  • An inlaid Chess/Draughts board: 40 x 40cm
  • An inlaid Backgammon board
  • 1 set of boxwood chess pieces no. 033, height of king: 75 mm
  • 30 boxwood checkers pieces diameter: 28 mm
  • 2 Dice Shakers (eco-leather)
  • 5 Standard Dice: 16mm
  • 1 Doubling Die: 22mm
  • 2 packs of Poker Cards
  • 1 Italian deck of Playing Cards
  • 1 double domino 9
  • Rules for all the games

Ordering , Lead Time and Delivery

The Dal Negro Gorgone table takes around 2 months of skilled workmanship to produce. We therefore advise you to allow between 45 and 50 working days, between placing your order and receiving your table. In addition, for ease of delivery to the room of your choice, tables arrive partly disassembled, but come with full clear instructions on how to complete the assembly.

Important Note: As this table is made to order and shipped to you direct from Italy, it’s non-returnable and non-refundable.


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