Defending Doubled Contracts by Ron Klinger


  • This book is the complement to Playing Doubled Contracts. The player who has studied these two books will be in an immensely strong position in relation to opponents in
    slam bidding.
  • This impressive book has no other competitor.
  • A worthy addition to a world-famous list.
  • Ron Klinger’s international reputation as author, teacher and player is second to none.

How to find the best way to inflict maximum damage on opponents.

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Defending Doubled Contracts by Ron Klinger

Defending Doubled Contracts by Ron Klinger shows you how to find the best way to inflict maximum damage on opponents.

Having doubled the opponents, you now have to find the best way of enforcing your call. Are the odds so close that defeating the contract is the overriding priority? But if the opponents’ intention were to deprive you of a certain game you should be looking to inflict severe penalties. These are the sort of questions that will face you in this quiz book of bridge problems. The deals have been chosen from major national and international championships. In almost every case you have the chance to do better than the defenders did at the table. As long as you tackle the problems with zeal and determination, your own defence is bound to improve, even if you do not find the best answer every time.

Author Biographies

Ron Klinger is a leading international bridge teacher and has represented Australia in over 20 world championships since 1976. An Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master, he has written over 60 books, some of which have been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, Hebrew and Icelandic. Two of his titles – Guide to Better Card Play and Right Through the Pack Again – won Book of the Year awards. He has created many new bridge ideas and devised a number of conventions. He lives in NSW, Australia, and has written a daily bridge column in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald for over 15 years.

Publication date Thursday, February 11, 2016
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