Glue for Baize

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Available in two sizes, this specially formulated glue is for use with the baize we stock and sell. Ideal for projects such as:

  • Restoring antique playing card tables
  • Restoration of vintage bureaus and writing desks
  • Conservation work of old gun cases
  • Attaching baize to noticeboards
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Glue for Baize

This specially formulated Glue for Baize is for use with the fabrics that we stock and sell. Available exclusively to this website and our dedicated baize fabrics store. It is available in two handy sizes, 50ml and 250ml. The 50ml size is intended for gluing baize to card tables that have a removable board in the centre which the baize wraps over. The 250ml size is for antique tables where the baize butts up to the veneer on the top surface, and for those of you recovering multiple modern tables and needing a larger amount of glue for the job.

Easy to Use

Carefully selected to be as easy to use as possible when working with baize. This glue dries clear but with a slight sepia tinge, which is invisible when used with the fabrics that we stock. The glue will adhere strongly to all manner of surfaces but is particularly suited to bonding fabric to wood. Furthermore, if you buy fabric and glue from us for card table restoration, we have prepared for customers an easy-to-follow how-to guide, to get the best results for resurfacing your antique card table. For best results when resurfacing card tables with a removable board in the centre, this glue should be used in conjunction with the double-sided adhesive tape that we sell. Double-sided tape is not needed for antique tables where the baize sits in a recess on the top surface and the raw edge butts up against the veneer.

One Glue Many Uses

This adhesive can be used for any project to fasten baize with an excellent bond. It was developed specifically for sticking baize to wood and is therefore of interest to furniture makers and restorers. However, this glue will work with all manner of surfaces including MDF, chipboard, cardboard, paper and boxboard. This versatility means this glue is useful for:

  • Gun Case restoration
  • Musical Instrument Case restoration
  • Covering Noticeboards
  • Lining the drawers of fine furniture
  • Resurfacing antique writing desks

Our Glue for Baize is gelatin-based, which means it is ‘reversible’, making it ideal for antique furniture restoration. ‘Reversible’ means that the glue can be loosened with warm water or humidity, so that repairs can easily be made. This is great for future repairs. Meaning that when your card table eventually needs recovering again, the old glue can simply be removed with warm water. No stripping or sanding is required.

Long Open Time

This glue for baize has a long open time. This means that it remains tacky for a long time before it dries. Letting you work slowly and confidently, allowing you to reposition the baize when necessary.


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