Guide to Better Card Play – New Edition by Ron Klinger


The most comprehensive work available on card-play, further enlarged for this new edition. 206 pages.

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Guide to Better Card Play – New Edition by Ron Klinger

The world’s oldest, and leading, Bridge magazine THE BRIDGE WORLD said of this book: Guide to Better Card Play is an elementary- through-intermediate textbook on declarer play and defence. Appropriately, the two phases of the book receive equal attention. The book can be used either as a self-teacher or as the basis of a series of lessons. In addition to the tutorial material, which is comprehensive, careful and instructive, the work is choc-a-bloc with summaries, reviews, quizzes and example deals.  There is even an appendix that enables your foursome to set up the practice deals yourself.

This is a very good buy. Winner of The Book of the Year Award of the American Bridge Teachers Association this book can be used as a self-teacher or as the basis for course teaching. Features specially designed quizzes for testing what has been learned. Fantastically good value.

Paperback. 206 pages.

About the Author

Ron Klinger, with more than forty outstanding Bridge books to his credit, is not only a leading teacher and international champion, but also a first class Master of Laws. He lives in Sydney, Australia.

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