Simon Lucas Score Pad – Atlantic Salmon


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  • 1 Pad of 50 Double-Sided Score Cards: Choose Rubber, Chicago or Plain Paper
  • In a Pad for your Convenience, Keeping the Score Cards Neat and Tidy
  • Good Quality 135gsm Card
  • Bumper Size – 100 Games per Pad
  • Collectible Design to Brighten up your Bridge!
  • Clear


    Bridge Score Pad – Atlantic Salmon

    The Simon Lucas Bridge Score Pad – Atlantic Salmon – is a very smart score pad. Containing 50 double-sided score cards choose between rubber, chicago, or plain paper for scoring other games. We print our score cards on quality 135gsm card. We make them into a pad with a back board to lean on and a cover to keep them clean. A pad keeps the score cards neat and tidy and score sheets don’t get tatty as they aren’t loose.

    A top British Ceramics Artist painted the wonderful watercolour of an atlantic salmon exclusively for us, and the beautiful cover is overprinted with gold ink making it exceptionally special. Along with the rest of our Countryside range, these pads are highly desirable and collectible – they look good in any combination on your bridge table.

    We produce the score cards on a quality 135gsm card so you can either give each player their own pad or a single score card. Alternatively, you can put the score cards into our score card holders. Each bridge score pad – Atlantic Salmon – contains 50 double-sided score cards, which is 100 games per pad.

    The score cards measure approximately W8.2 x L19.4cm.

    In Celebration of the Atlantic Salmon

    One of the most amazing – and moving – sights in nature is that of the mature Atlantic salmon leaping up waterfalls, weirs and fish passes on its way home to spawn. Onlookers find the sight fascinating, whether they fish or not. Indeed, for the non-angler, it may well be the first and only time they see salmon, and come to appreciate what a truly marvellous, brave and indomitable animal this is, and how it earned its Roman name: Salmo salar, salmon the leaper.

    There are records of salmon leaping at least 12 feet in their determination to ascend waterfalls. Those who have seen these prodigious feats will know how the fish almost seems to fly rather than jump. A leaping fish in two elements, air and water!

    The best time to witness salmon aerobatics is October or November after heavy rain -especially following a dry spell. Fish are generally most active in the early morning and evening.

    Source of information: The Atlantic Salmon Trust with thanks.

    Additional information

    Type Of Score Cards

    Rubber, Chicago, Plain Paper


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