Teach Your Child Bridge by Ron Klinger


  • Join the growing numbers of parents and grandparents playing bridge with children
  • Ron Klinger is an expert teacher of bridge to all ages
  • Covers a variety of card games to play children aged 2 to 8, and bridge for 8 year olds and upwards
  • This book shows how to ease a child into bridge step by step, teaching familiarity with the pack of cards through a series of easy-to-follow games
  • Have fun playing your favourite game with your kids or grandchildren!

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Teach Your Child Bridge by Ron Klinger

Teach Your Child Bridge unlocks the joy of playing bridge as a child. Bridge is not only great fun but it also develops mental and social skills, vital for everyday life situations.

Why Kids Should Play Bridge

There is every reason to get children into playing Bridge at an early age. In addition to the obvious benefits to arithmetic and logical reasoning, bridge develops memory, judgement, concentration,  planning ability and cooperation. It is a social asset for life, and boosts mental alertness later in life. Not only is it fun to play, but bridge also allows one to make new friends easily and overcomes all kinds of social barriers and physical handicaps. Bridge can be played anywhere and anytime. You will be doing your child a lifelong favour by opening the door to the world of bridge. Better still you will may well encourage a new willing bridge partner or opponent to share your passion for the game.

Author Biography

Ron Klinger is a leading international bridge teacher and has represented Australia in over 20 world championships since 1976. An Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master, he has written over 60 books, some of which have been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, Hebrew and Icelandic. Two of his titles – Guide to Better Card Play and Right Through the Pack Again – won Book of the Year awards. He has created many new bridge ideas and devised a number of conventions. He lives in NSW, Australia, and has written a daily bridge column in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald for over 15 years.

Publication date Thursday, October 16, 2014
Price £10.99
EAN\ISBN-13 9780297869955
BIC 2.1 Card games (WDMC)
Binding Trade Paperback
Format Demy
Depth 10mm
Extent 96 pages

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