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Getting Back to Bridge

With the Summer in full swing and the prospect of being able to play bridge outside with friends, we decided to put together a collection of products that will help ease you getting back into playing Bridge.

We start our selection with our range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Although vaccine rollout in the UK has been rapid and efficient. There is a continued threat of transmission with new more dangerous variants emerging, that the current vaccines haven’t been tested and proven against. These products remain popular, as customers have chosen to remain cautious and vigilant. Our Masks not only offer protection to you and your friends and family, and are still effective at reducing transmission of new varients and even other viruses like regular flu and the common cold, but because they are better for the environment too.

PPE – Playing Bridge Safely and Responsibly

Gloves, hand sanitiser, bio-degradable visors and eco-friendly masks

Duplicate Bridge – Minimise Handling Cards

Reduce cross contamination from handling playing cards

Save Some Money on the Game You’ve Missed

A cheap price to get you back to playing the game you love and miss

For the Club Players

Treat yourself to new playing cards. Top quality at a great price