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Apr 6th
bridge bidding strategies

Bridge Bidding Strategies: Aggressive Opening Bid for 18/19 Points?

BRIDGE Bidding strategies are a fascinating element of the game of bridge. One of readers and customers has kindly given us a brief insight into his and his partner’s preferred bidding strategy

We play a simple 5 Card Major system with a Phoney Club and A Strong (15 to 17) No Trump with ‘add-ons’:

  • Staymen, Transfers and 2 Spade (9 point)
  • Benji Acol Weak Twos and Pre-empts
  • Standard 2NT openers
  • Splinter bids
  • Weak Overcalls
  • Sputnik Doubles
  • Keycard Blackwood

However, we do not have an aggressive opening bid for 18/19 points.

Any suggestions?

Strategy Suggested by: Bridgebodgers

How long have you been Bridge players? 40 years

How would you describe your level of expertise? Happy club duplicate players

What bidding system do you use? 5 Card Majors

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