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Dec 18th
top 5 bridge books - our top sellers

Top 5 Bridge Books – Our Top Sellers

BOOKS are a great way to get to grips with some of the complex aspects of the game. We stock a wide variety on our online shop and we thought we’d share the top 5 bridge books our customers buy for themselves or for gifts.

1. Andrew Robson’s Tips for Intermediates


150 tips for intermediate players from Britain’s best known contract Bridge player, teacher and writer. After spending a year or two learning the game of bridge, few of us progress to expert level, so Andrew Robson’s Tips for Intermediates is a welcome book for most of us!

Format: Hardback

Price: £12.99

2. Beginner Bridge Flipper by Andrew Robson


With a name like Andrew Robson’s it’s unsurprising that there are more than one of his books in our Top 5! This second book — Andrew Robson’s Beginner Bridge Flipper — is an excellent, easy to use flipper for beginners, with all the information to get you properly started.

Format: Wirobound

Price: £10

3. The Mysterious Multi: How to Play It, How to Play Against It by Mark Horton & Jan Van Cleeff


Another title aimed at intermediate through to advanced players, The Mysterious Multi: How to Play It, How to Play Against It contains new uses for all your opening two-bids – and more! The Multi principle – the idea that one can encompass a variety of different meanings – has a well-established history. In the modern game, its most popular applications are the Multi Two Diamonds opening, and the Multi Landy (Woolsey) defense to an opening 1NT.

Format: Paperback

Price: £13.99

4. Ron Klinger’s Master Class by Ron Klinger


Ron Klinger has brought together and amplified the ten key topics covered in his recent successful Master Class tour sponsored by the EBU. Ron Kinger’s Master Class is a hugely stimulating book for all players by one of the world’s leading Bridge teachers.

Format: Paperback

Price: £7.99

5. Essential Bridge Flipper by Andrew Robson


Our final book in this top 5 is Andrew Robson’s Essential Bridge Flipper, an excellent, easy to use flipper for intermediate players, with all the information you need to play a decent game of Bridge.

Format: Spiral Bound

Price: £10

Bridge E-books?

If you’re after new reading material but don’t have shelf space then e-books might be just thing! Read our round up of the Top 10 E-Books for Bridge for iPad or iPhone

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What Are Your Top 5 Bridge Books?

What bridge books do you turn to for reference or to improve your game? We’d love to hear in the comments below

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