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Jan 19th

Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles

benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

Looking for alternatives that you can play to Bridge? Take advantage of the benefits that come from doing jigsaw puzzles

Why Jigsaw Puzzles?

We have decided to start stocking Jigsaw puzzles after many customers have requested us to do so. So far we have listed thirty-six wonderful designs to choose from with more to come. We’re trying to offer a variety of styles that cater to our customers varied tastes. Some have asked for colourful designs, others pattern is more important. Then there are customers who love classic fine art puzzles or traditional landscapes.

The Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaws are not only beautiful works of visual art, but there are some definite mental health benefits from doing them. Here are our top 4 benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles.

1. They Are Time Consuming

If you’re finding it hard to pass the time, a good jigsaw puzzle will keep you enthralled. While doing a jigsaw an hour passes quickly. Each piece requires full attention in order for it to be sorted or placed correctly.

2. They Force You to Slow Down

With digital technology being all-pervasive in our world today, it’s easy to forget to switch off. The simple act of doing a jigsaw puzzle helps you to rediscover your slower, natural rhythm. For starters, a jigsaw can’t be rushed. Rushing actually means it’ll take longer to do as pieces can easily be overlooked.

3. They Encourage Creativity

Jigsaws are a highly visual and creative hobby. Each piece is a miniature work of art in its own right. Also seeing tiny pieces of a bigger picture forces you to perceive that image slightly differently. Details that you would normally overlook become important and elevated. In short, jigsaws help you to see differently.

4. Meditation and Meditative Practice

This is linked to point two above. The very act of slowing down and concentrating solely on the jigsaw is a form of mediation. Because jigsaws engage the creative brain, you might notice that other thoughts are less prominent or even non-existent. The same happens when an artist draws or paints. This “being in the zone” – having a mind clear of thoughts – is the basis of meditation and meditative practice. The psychological benefits of meditation are well documented. In Zen Buddhist practice all forms of activity can be used as a meditation. Most often people think of Raked Stone gardens when they think of Zen. However in Zen Buddhism all actions or activities can become meditations, by simply dedicating yourself fully to them at any one given moment. The simple act of walking, when it becomes your sole focus, is a meditative act.

See Our Range of Puzzles

We are a major UK stockist of Galison puzzles among others. We have taken great care to select the most beautiful and inspiring images, that we ourselves would love to do multiple times.
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What Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Puzzles do You Get?

We love to hear from our customers. If you find that doing jigsaw puzzles offer you a positive outcome, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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