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May 3rd

Kate Knight: Why New York is Special to Me

Kate features New York in her wonderful design work. We asked her why. I have been fortunate enough to go to New York, year after year, to exhibit my artwork at a show called Surtex. This is a trade show for artists and designers who license their artwork to publishers and manufactures from around the… [Read More]

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Apr 29th

Bridge Bidding Strategies: What Uses are Aces and Spades?

The SEHAWK Bidding System by Mr SEHAWK™ The last card landed on the top of my partner’s other twelve and I picked up a collection reminiscent of so many hands before: ♠ AT764 ♥ A872 ♦ T54 ♣ 2 Using the wonderful (but high risk) SEHAWK bidding system my partner sitting North opened 1♦ (showing… [Read More]

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Apr 20th

Guide to Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes

In our short guide to wooden Bridge bidding boxes we take a look at the wonderful, timeless and beautiful nature of wooden bridge bidding boxes. Why Wooden Bidding Boxes? Although the plastic boxes are very popular with most people, there are those out there who like to use items that are both functional and beautiful.… [Read More]

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Apr 15th

A Difference of Opinion

It was a beautiful bright Spring morning and I had just turned the computer off, happy in the knowledge that all of our subscribers had their Saturday Hand of the Week email to play over their croissants, jam and a steaming mug of tea. What could be a nicer way to start the weekend?

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Apr 12th

Ultimate Guide to Bridge Bidding Boxes

How Do The Bidding Boxes Differ? Our Guide to Bridge Bidding Boxes is Here to Help WELCOME to our Ultimate Guide to Bridge Bidding Boxes. As the UK’s number one Bridge Supplies retailer we offer a number of different styles and qualities of boxes for bidding. One of the questions we are asked most frequently… [Read More]

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Apr 6th

Bridge Bidding Strategies: Aggressive Opening Bid for 18/19 Points?

BRIDGE Bidding strategies are a fascinating element of the game of bridge. One of readers and customers has kindly given us a brief insight into his and his partner’s preferred bidding strategy

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Apr 5th

Simon Lucas Baize Bridge Cloths and How They’re Made

How I Make the Petersham Border Baize Bridge Cloth Hi, I’m Simon Lucas and I’ve been sitting behind this sewing machine making bridge cloths for nearly 25 years. Today I’m going to tell you about our baize Bridge cloths and how they’re made Petersham border bridge cloth with embroidered suit symbols, which is a gaming… [Read More]

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Mar 29th

Meet the Designer: Kate Knight

Designer Bridge Supplies Tired of seeing the same designs of playing pads and score pads being offered by other bridge suppliers, we asked young designer Kate Knight to produce some beautiful, fun and fresh designs for Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies which we have used on playing cards, score pads and gift sets.

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