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Apr 20th

Guide to Wooden Bridge Bidding Boxes

In our short guide to wooden Bridge bidding boxes we take a look at the wonderful, timeless and beautiful nature of wooden bridge bidding boxes.

Why Wooden Bidding Boxes?

Although the plastic boxes are very popular with most people, there are those out there who like to use items that are both functional and beautiful. For this reason we offer a choice of two styles of wooden box.

Mahogany or Cherry Wood Bridge Bidding Boxes

Mahogany or Cherry Wood Bridge Bidding Boxes

These little beauties have been hugely popular with our customers through the years. When we first decided to offer wooden bidding boxes, we got samples of the boxes available and chose this box over the more commonly available ‘Elegance’ box offered by other suppliers.

Why? Because this box has strong concealed hinges so the inside of the box looks neat, whereas the ‘Elegance’ box has a long, visible hinge which causes some of the boxes not to close properly. Our Mahogany and Cherry Wooden Bidding boxes are well made and sound solid when closed and in our opinion they are a superior box. We offer this box with plastic bidding cards which are longer-lasting than standard cards and can be kept clean with a quick wipe over with a slightly damp cloth.

Our Verdict

Both of these boxes are attractive and well-made with superior qualities over its counterparts, including plastic bidding cards. The mahogany wood bidding box is finished with a dark laquer and the cherry wood bidding box retains the warm reddish hues of the wood. No matter what your interior style one of these boxes is bound to suit, especially if you team it up with one of our fantastic bridge card tables.

Luxury Thuya Wood Bridge Bidding BoxThe Simon Lucas Luxury Thuya Wood Box

This stunningly beautiful box is quite simply in a class of its own.

The aromatic Thuya (Twee-ya) wood is harvested in Morocco and in the main is a sustainable resource. Favoured by the connoisseur since Roman times for its exceptional durability, gorgeous grain and splendid aroma, the beautiful qualities of this tree made it the wood of choice for us to present what we feel is the ultimate luxury box for bidding. Included with the Thuya Wood Box are the best quality plastic bidding cards available.

Created by artisans, when you first look at the Thuya Wood Bridge Bidding Box, the first thing you notice is the gorgeous grain, then when you touch the box you feel the wonderful patina created by the french polishing. When you open the box you get a scented waft of the splendid aroma of the wood.

The set of four boxes are presented in a beautiful handmade presentation case to protect them for years to come, and each presentation case is created to order so we’re even able to offer a choice of fabric for the case lining.

Our Verdict

The Thuya Wood box is in a class of its own – it’s the ultimate luxury box for bidding.

Share Your Thoughts With Us

Have you used wooden boxes, or do you own a set? If you have be sure to leave a comment below. Maybe you know someone who’s thinking of investing, if so please share our  short guide to wooden Bridge bidding boxes with them!

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