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Apr 11th

Top 10 Bridge eBooks for iPad

Do you love to read about the card game Bridge but just don’t have the room for any more books on bridge? Then maybe Bridge eBooks are the answer to your prayers. Our Top 10 Bridge eBooks is a round-up of the best contract bridge eBooks and duplicate bridge eBooks that are available for you… [Read More]

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Apr 8th

Bidding Cards for Bridge – Left Handed

Are you a left handed bridge player looking for bidding cards for Bridge? Or perhaps your partner or opponent may be? Fear not this blog post is here to help demystify the world of left handed bidding cards! Jannersten Left Handed Bidding Cards for Bridge – Spot the Difference? For years the only left handed… [Read More]

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Dec 7th

Truly Left Handed Bidding Cards for Jannersten

British Bidder® Left Handed Bidding Cards – the only truly left hand bridge bidding cards  IF you’re a left handed bridge player we have some great news. We are now offering the only truly left-handed British Bidder® bidding cards as an upgrade to single Jannersten Bidding Buddy bidding boxes and single Jannersten Neo Bidding Boxes… [Read More]

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Nov 28th
photo courtesy of Pixabay

Feeling Lonely? Take Up Bridge

AS we rapidly approach Christmas – a time of year that families and friends come together – it can be for some, a desperately lonely time of the year. Aloneness or lonliness can be felt by young and old alike and in modern society it is more likely those that are in their 20’s feel… [Read More]

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Nov 27th

5 Ideas for Bridge Club Christmas Prizes

photo courtesy of Pexels PLAYING Bridge at Christmas at your local club wouldn’t be the same without some seasonal competitions. What better way to crown the winning partnership than with a little prize or two? We’ve created a list of 5 budget busting bridge club christmas prizes that make perfect giveaways that the winners will… [Read More]

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Nov 26th

Top 10 Brilliant Gift Ideas for Card Players Christmas 2018

BLACK Friday is over, so it’s time now to start the christmas shopping in earnest. If you know someone who loves playing card games like Bridge, Whist, Canasta, Poker or good old Snap, we’re sure to have a little special something for them! We are the market leading, premium UK outlet for Bridge and we’re… [Read More]

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Nov 20th

How to Become Better at Bridge

THERE can be no doubt that Bridge is a complicated game. Like all things though there are some universal rules that will aide your development in the game. Taking inspiration from the world of sport, this guide on how to become better at bridge, focuses on things you can put into practice that will greatly… [Read More]

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Oct 24th

NEW – Andrew Robson Book The Next Level

BRAND new in to our store is Andrew’s Robson’s latest book for intermediate players seeking to move through to becoming advanced.

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Oct 22nd

2019 Bridge Supplies Catalogue

OUR 2019 Bridge Supplies catalogue is now available! If you would like to order a copy, simply visit and fill our your name and postal address and we’ll do the rest.

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Oct 16th

Christmas Gifts for Bridge Players

IF you’re looking for perfect Christmas gifts for bridge players in your life then we’ve selected 8 of our favourite products, that will truly show you care. 1. Penhallow’s Coastal Range Luxury Card Table Cloth The Penhallow’s Coastal range of card table cloths, come in an array of colors taking inspiration from coastal cornwall. Colours… [Read More]

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