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Nov 5th

Playing Cards for Whist

You can use any standard pack or deck of playing cards for Whist. This fun trick taking game only uses on deck of cards making it easy to play anywhere.

We’ve written before about Whist. As a fun and easy to grasp game, it makes it ideal as an introduction to trick taking card games and therefore a great gateway into bridge.

Unlike Bridge, Whist requires only a single deck or pack of playing cards and some note paper to take down scores.

Which Playing Cards are Best for Whist?

The key point to look out for with any playing card is the quality of the board stock. This is a fancy word to say card board. As manufacturers of many of our own brand products we also produce our own playing cards. This allows us to specify exactly which materials we want to use for our playing cards. All of our own brand playing cards:

use a 330gsm board stock, which is the heaviest weight available. This gives the cards inherently more durability. Our playing cards are also treated with a special non-stick coating, which not only make them easier to deal, but also helps them to repel dirt and grime – ideal if you’re playing with younger players.

We specialise in selling twin packs and decks of playing cards, as Bridge requires more than one deck of cards. However, we do also offer single decks of luxury cards, which are ideal for the vast majority of other card games and especially Whist in particular. All of the single decks of playing cards we stock come presentation packaged in a custom tuck box. Furthermore this can then be personalised, which make them ideal christmas presents for card players.

Packs of Cards for Whist

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