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Jun 19th

Space Saving Tables

These two space saving tables have been reduced in price, due to some very minor cosmetic imperfections. If you are short on space but require a good sturdy table that folds neatly away then these are well worth considering.

Both of these space saving tables are topped with a quality microfibre cloth finish, that actively repells dirt and liquids. They are designed as playing card tables, but work equally well as small dining tables, that can be quickly and easily folded away when not in use. Making them ideal for today’s compact living spaces, where space is at a premium.

Hobby and Craft Tables

Other customers have bought these slightly imperfect compact tables in the past, to do hobby and crafts at. The stain resistant microfibre helps to repell glue or paint and the solid wood frame and reliable “click lock” legs mean that these will give many years service as hobby and craft tables. These tables also make fantastic sewing tables and are just the right size to sit a sewing machine on.

More Space Saving Furniture

We have a wide range of high quality space saving furniture aimed at card game players. We also sell folding chairs, that complement these and all the folding tables that we stock.

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