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Apr 12th

Taking Up Bridge After Lockdown?

Have you been thinking of taking up bridge after lockdown? Perhaps you started to read up about it while self-isolating. Here is a guide to the items you need to play the game of bridge

As market leaders and one of the most established suppliers of quality bridge equipment to the game, we know just what players want and need to get started in the game (or is it a lifestyle?) We have put together this guide to help navigate the basic elements you’ll need if you’re taking up bridge after lockdown. Or even if you’re starting to play again after the hiatus.

Bridge Playing Cards

Bridge playing cards are a very specific size. Unlike poker cards they have a narrow form factor – like A4 as opposed to US letter size. The patterned backs of the cards must also conform to a set of standards to be considered “bridge legal”.

What are Bridge Legal Playing Cards?

Bridge playing cards are also known as English size. They are about 5mm narrower than poker cards and this is to make them easier to hold when you’re dealt 13 cards at the beginning of a game of Bridge. Our own brand Premium Quality 330 Playing Cards are Bridge-size cards (58 x 89.3mm) and they have regular 4-index faces (meaning that they have normal-sized pictures and suit symbols on the card faces, and a pip in each of the 4 corners so you can fan your cards in either direction and still see what they are). The Premium Quality 330 Playing Cards have a standard bridge-legal design, meaning it’s symmetrical in both the horizontal and vertical axis.

Bridge Legal Playing Cards

We have a huge variety of vibrant twin packs of bridge legal playing cards, all available in sturdy presentation boxes that have been handmade by us in our workshop in Devizes. Prices start from £9.99 for our 330 Playing cards.

Bridge Bidding Boxes

Of equal importance to playing cards, bridge bidding boxes are considered essential by most modern players. Bridge is a game of strategy, and bidding boxes allow you to make your bids silently so that your partner doesn’t get any additional information from the tone of your voice. In many respects bidding boxes and bidding cards are important pieces of equipment for a fair game.
We only sell premium quality products, stocking best sellers as well as making or commissioning products to be made exclusively for us. Bridge bidding boxes or Bidder boxes are no exception.

Bridge Score Cards/Scorers

The last piece of essential item in your bridge kit are score pads. Bridge is a competitive game. Some like to call it a mind sport. Like all competitive games, one must have a way to keep track of who’s winning. In bridge, this falls to the humble scorecard – sometimes called bridge scorers.

Chicago or Rubber Bridge Scorecards?

There are two game types and thus methods of scoring in bridge – rubber bridge or Chicago bridge. The differences are outlined below.

Rubber Bridge Scoring Overview

Rubber bridge is played by two competing pairs of players. Three games of bridge are played and a rubber is a ‘best-of-three’ competition. Play proceeds until one pair wins 100 or more points to win that game. There is a horizontal line dividing the Rubber Bridge Score Cards which is used when scoring. The winning bid’s value (tricks that are bid and made) is scored below the line, and bonus points such as overtricks are scored above the line.

Chicago Bridge Scoring Overview

In Chicago bridge, a rubber is made up of just 4 deals which generally last around 20 minutes each. After 4 deals, it’s possible for players to join or leave the game, which makes Chicago more flexible than Rubber bridge if you have between 4 and 7 players and want to rotate the play. Chicago bridge pre-determines the vulnerability for each deal:

  • On the first deal, neither side is vulnerable
  • With the second and third deals, only the dealer’s side is vulnerable
  • Finally, the fourth deal, both sides are vulnerable.

We have a huge variety of pads of scorecards to choose from, with beautiful decorative covers, you’ll be sure to find something that appeals. Here are just a few

Thinking of Taking Up Bridge After Lockdown?

We hope you found this helpful. If you have any queries or would like us to put together a custom Bridge Starter Pack, then be sure to get in touch with us either by phoning us on +44 (0) 1380 829922 or using our contact form or simply click on the pre-made packs below:

For You… Bridge Starter Packs

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