Essential Bridge Flipper by Andrew Robson


An excellent, easy to use flipper for intermediate players, with all the information you need to play a decent game of bridge.

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Essential Bridge Flipper

Highly recommended for intermediate and improving players, Andrew Robson’s Essential Bridge Flipper covers all the information you need to play a decent game of bridge. The information is logically and clearly grouped into sections titled Opening & Responding, Competitive Bidding, Play, Higher Bidding, and Defence. Spiral bound at the header and with laminated pages, this handy flipper is good quality and is designed to be robust enough for frequent use.


  1. Opening when Balanced
  2. Opening when Unbalanced
  3. Responding to Suit Opener: with Support
  4. Responding to Suit Opener: without Support
  5. Opening 1NT
  6. Responding to 1NT
  7. Which Suit to Bid
  8. Bidding Notrumps as an Overcall
  9. Overcalling Suits: “SQOT”
  10. Responding to a Suit Overcall
  11. Double: for Take-out
  12. Double: for Penalty
  13. Scoring Doubled Contracts
  14. Tricks without Trumps
  15. Drawing Trumps
  16. Tricks with Trumps
  17. 2♣: Opening and Responding
  18. 2♦, 2♥, 2♠: Opening and Responding
  19. 2NT: Opening and Responding
  20. Small Slams
  21. Stayman
  22. Opening at the Three Level
  23. Opening Lead
  24. Basic Defence
  25. Signalling
  26. Discarding
  27. Basic Rubber Bridge Scoring
  28. Also by Andrew Robson
  29. Round the Table

Andrew Robson

Andrew Robson is widely regarded as one of the finest Bridge player/teacher/writers in the world today. When not at his Club, Andrew travels the country, inspiring thousands at the many Charity functions and Master Classes he leads.

As a player, Andrew won the world Junior Championships in 1989, the European Championships in 1991, and the list of tournament successes during and since is too long to list. He won the Silver Medal in the 2004 World Individual, heartbreakingly moving out of Gold on the very last deal (but that’s another story…).

As a writer, Andrew began in the early Nineties writing for the Oldie, the Spectator and the Express on Sunday, and has now been writing for Country Life for nearly 20 years and Money Week for nearly ten. He is most famous, however, for his daily column in The Times. His clarity of style has seen him become universally acclaimed, and he is the author of Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them, Need to know? Bridge, Bridge Secrets, What Should Have Happened, A Pack of Dos and Don’ts plus 20 books in his hugely popular Bridge Lesson Book series.

Andrew’s teaching is also legendary. Entertaining, simple, brilliant…his teaching has been described as this and much more over the years.

When not Bridging, Andrew loves to ride his mountain bike. He lives in North Barnes with his wife Lorna and two daughters, Hannah and Mimi.

What are Bridge Flippers or Flip Charts?

Bridge Flippers are flip books containing easily accessible nuggets of information to guide you during play. Both Ron Klinger and Andrew Robson have their own series of flippers.


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