Basic Acol Bridge Flipper by Ron Klinger


  • This flipper, or fast fact finder, is a guide to the basics of bridge for the beginner and novice player.
  • Its compact format means it can be carried easily in the pocket or handbag for use at the bridge table.
  • Contains all essential information about Acol bidding and play for beginners.

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Basic Acol Bridge Flipper by Ron Klinger

Basic Acol Bridge Flipper ia a concise, authoritative guide to help the beginner and novice to start playing and enjoying bridge.

This Fast Fact Finder is a guide and summary to the basics of bridge for the beginner and novice player, enabling players to check quickly important points in bidding and play. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Basic Bridge and Acol Bridge Made Easy, both by Ron Klinger.

Contents of Basic Acol Bridge Flipper

  • Winning strategy at bridge
  • Points for games and slams
  • Opening the bidding
  • Opening with a balanced hand
  • Responding to 1NT and 2NT
  • Weak responses to 1c/1d/1h/1s
  • Weak responses – opener’s rebids
  • Strong responses to 1c/1d/1h/1s
  • Strong responses – opener’s rebids
  • Responder’s rebids
  • 2-openings and pre-empts
  • Bidding to slams
  • Overcalls & takeout doubles
  • Leads, signals and defence
  • Behaviour and etiquette
  • Rubber bridge scoring table

Author Biography

Ron Klinger is a leading international bridge teacher and has represented Australia in over 20 world championships since 1976. An Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master, he has written over 60 books, some of which have been translated into Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, French, Hebrew and Icelandic. Two of his titles – Guide to Better Card Play and Right Through the Pack Again – won Book of the Year awards. He has created many new bridge ideas and devised a number of conventions. He lives in NSW, Australia, and has written a daily bridge column in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Sun-Herald for over 15 years.

Publication date Thursday, November 08, 2001
Price £4.99
EAN\ISBN-13 9780304362790
BIC 2.1 Bridge (WDMC1)
Card games (WDMC)
Binding Trade Paperback
Depth 3mm
Extent 28 pages

What are Bridge Flippers or Flip Charts?

Bridge Flippers are flip books containing easily accessible nuggets of information to guide you during play. Both Ron Klinger and Andrew Robson have their own series of flippers.

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