Blue Baize Card Table Recovering Kit


A kit to recover your card table containing most of the essentials you or your chosen restorer will need.

  • Premium British-made traditional Blue baize cut to fit (86cm/34″)
  • Bottle of specially formulated baize glue
  • 5m Roll of double-sided adhesive tape, enough for one table with no waste
  • Natural hogs hair bristle glue brush
  • Step by Step Instruction guide (Modern/Vono tables only)
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Blue Baize Card Table Recovering Kit

This Blue baize card table recovering kit contains most of the essentials you need to resurface the baize on your card table. The baize supplied is from our standard range of baize, which comprises of a 95% merino wool to 5% nylon mix. This provides a superior surface for playing cards on, that is highly durable. Furthermore, this is heritage-grade baize, which has a tight weave and is suitable for restoration work.

Card Table Restoration Kit Contents

Each kit we sell comprises of everything you need to restore the playing surface of your card table, back to its former glory. The kit contains:

Some other items you may need that are not included in the kit are:

  • A hammer or rubber mallet for removing the board from the table
  • Pliers for removing any nails or tacks
  • Scalpel, for shaping the corners
  • Set square, for shaping the corners
  • Steel ruler
  • Scraper and sand paper, for cleaning off the old glue and baize

We don’t supply these items, but they’re readily available from hardware stores.

Instructions for Covering Card Table

The instruction sheet included in each kit is written for the “modern” style of card tables. This style of table dates back to the early twentieth century, so will include antiques too, such as the Vono playing card tables. If you’re unsure if your table is of this type, see if the baize covering is on a detachable board sat within the table frame – the baize wraps over the board and is attached on the underside. The instructions guide you in recovering the board with baize and replacing the board back into the frame. As each table is different, we haven’t included guidance on how to remove the board from your table, or how to remove the old baize or glue. If you need further guidance, please seek the advice of a professional furniture restorer.

Disclaimer: the instructions are provided as helpful guidance only, and are not intended to replace the advice of a professional furniture restorer. Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies Ltd accepts no responsibility for the outcome if you follow these instructions, and for a guaranteed good finish we recommend that your table is recovered by a professional. We give no further advice via phone or email regarding restoration.

About the Baize Glue

The glue supplied with this kit has been formulated especially for use with baize. It is exclusive to us and our dedicated fabrics and homewares site Baize and Wool fabrics. The glue has three properties that are helpful to card table restorers.

Firstly the glue has a long “open time”. This means that the glue stays tacky for a long time, allowing for repositioning as necessary. It also lessens the pressure you are under, meaning more time to get the tension across the playing surface just right. Secondly, our glue is “reversible”. This is useful for the future if you should want to replace the baize for some reason. Forming a very strong bond when it dries, the glue can be released again using warm water. This is a real time-saver, as it cuts out any sanding and old glue removal when the baize is next replaced. And thirdly, being gelatin-based, the glue is silky smooth to apply and goes on beautifully.


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