The Power of Shape by Ron Klinger


Described by the American Bridge Federation Newsletter as essential reading for those wishing to update their game and keep up with the times. 144 pages.

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The Power of Shape by Ron Klinger

In The Power of Shape Ron explains how average players tend to focus on point count for their bidding decisions. The expert player recognises that the shape of the hand also plays a vital role. Knowing the implications of shape will help you find the best contract more offer. When should you prefer no-trumps even though you have a strong major fit? When should you head for slam with a modest point count and when should you reject slam despite a high point count?

The book not only reveals how to use hand patterns to winning effect, but also how to incorporate the ideas of shape in your bidding system. The power of shape is not limited to the bidding. Successful play or defence is often linked to a knowledge of the pattern of the opponents’ hands. The second part of The Power of Shape will show you how to discover and make use of this invaluable information. Follow the recommendations in this exciting book and your partnership will be in great shape!

About the Author

Ron Klinger is one of the world’s leading bridge teachers and writers with over Bridge books to his credit. He is also an Australian Grand Master and a World Bridge Federation International Master.

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