Glass Spray Bottle with Atomiser (30ml)


  • Empty glass bottle, 30ml, with atomiser fitment and cap
  • Fill with alcohol sanitiser
  • Pocket size and easy to carry, ideal for using at the card table or when you’re out and about
  • Being indefinitely refillable and reusable, it’s better for the planet


Glass Spray Bottle (30ml) – Ideal for Sanitisers

Buy an empty glass spray bottle (30ml), to decant your alcohol sanitiser into. 30ml is an ideal size for carrying around in your pocket or a handbag, or for giving to each player at the bridge table so that they can keep their hands clean during games. The bottle comes with a protective cap so that it can’t be sprayed by mistake when not in use. We recommend you clean your REELShield Flip visor with alcohol sanitiser too, and this glass bottle is fitted with an atomiser to make it easier to apply a fine and even mist across the surface.

Better For The Planet

We think it’s so important that our response to the pandemic doesn’t worsen the global plastics crisis, and we’ve put together a carefully selected range of PPE to this end. Many hand sanitisers come in plastic pump bottles, but have you ever noticed how complex the pump-action mechanism is? There are several types of plastic, a small glass ball and a metal spring, making them very difficult to recycle.

Our solution is to offer bottles of hand sanitizer in bulk (250ml, 1 litre and 5 litres), that have simple screw-top lids. We then offer empty glass bottles with a spray mechanism, in a range of sizes, for you to fill with sanitiser. This way, you only need one spray or pump mechanism, it’s simple to recycle the empty sanitiser bottles and metal caps when empty, and you can keep using and refilling your glass bottle indefinitely.



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