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Jan 21st

7 Ways to do a Jigsaw Puzzle

benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and repeat the same behaviour over and over. But we are creative souls. Approaching life creatively helps to expand our minds, removing limitations, and leading to greater fulfillment.

Creative Ways to Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

So, how can we apply this wisdom to jigsaw puzzles? Below we cover 7 different approaches to piecing together puzzles, and we encourage you to take the plunge, use your creativity, and try a different way of completing your jigsaw today!

1. Edge First

This is the most common strategy, certainly amongst the puzzlers I know. During the initial sort, you locate all the edge pieces and the 4 corners, assembling these first.

2. Inside First

Instead of the tried-and-tested edge first method, have you considered starting with the inside of the jigsaw rather than the edge? Sort by colour and pattern instead of shape, and assemble one motif at a time.

3. Middle First

The biggest challenge of the lot! Identify the centre of the jigsaw from the picture, then work from the centre outwards, completing the edge last.

4. By Shape

The temptation is to sort by colour, but have you thought of sorting and assembling purely by shape? My Dad, a talented mathematician, used to do jigsaw puzzles upside down to give himself a challenge. The plain reverse side helped him to focus purely on the shapes of the pieces.

5. One Piece At A Time

This is a lovely slow way of doing a puzzle, and makes you look at every tiny detail. You pick a piece out of the box, searching on the picture for where that piece goes, and place it in position. Gradually the puzzle comes together. This method wouldn’t be suitable for puzzles that have lots of plain colour or pattern, but is ideal for busy designs.

6. No Picture

I’m sure we’ve all challenged ourselves with this one at some point – try completing the whole puzzle without referring to the picture. Or limit yourself to a set number of looks at the picture so that you have to search for several details at the same time.

7. Distraction Free

Lots of people like to listen to the radio or music while doing a jigsaw. Have you tried doing it in silence though? Without distraction, your mind can focus purely on the puzzle, naturally bringing you into the present moment, and making it more of a meditative exercise. Present moment awareness frees you from the burdens of the past or worries about the future, and is very healing to mind, body and spirit. We have written a whole article on The Benefit of Jigsaws.

If you always approach your puzzles the same way, get creative and try something new today. Even if it’s just a different way of putting together a small part of the jigsaw.

Do You Have Creative Ways to do a Jigsaw Puzzle?

Inspire us and other readers, share your creative ways to complete a jigsaw in the comments below. If you’re looking for a brand new puzzle to do, we have plenty of beautiful jigsaw puzzles available to order.
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