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Oct 16th

Christmas Gifts for Bridge Players

IF you’re looking for perfect Christmas gifts for bridge players in your life then we’ve selected 8 of our favourite products, that will truly show you care.

1. Penhallow’s Coastal Range Luxury Card Table Cloth


The Penhallow’s Coastal range of card table cloths, come in an array of colors taking inspiration from coastal cornwall. Colours range from warming earth tones, through to bright vibrant tones.

2. Luxury Personalised Playing Cards, Twin Pack


Our premium playing cards, beautifully hand foiled with a personalisation of your choice and presented in a handmade silk-covered presentation box which can be personalised too. Cards available in six different colours with a choice of three different box colours.

3. Emporium Personalised Bridge Gift Sets


A gift idea specifically for Bridge players, our ever popular Emporium range Bridge Gift Sets can now be personalised, both on the box lid and the score pad. Each set contains a twin deck of premium quality playing cards, four pencils and either a rubber bridge, chicago bridge, or plain paper score cards, with optional personalisation on the front.

4. British Bidder® Box for Bridge Bidding


Another Bridge gift idea is our own brand British Bidder® box for Bridge Bidding. Unlike the plastic alternatives on the market, these bidding boxes are not only functional but are beautiful product to own. Also unlike the plastic alternatives we stock them in six subtle different colours and they’re made from paper and card and like all our own brand products are carbon neutral, so they’re better for the environment too!

5. Dark Green Washable Soft Cotton Table Cloth


We commisioned a textiles mill in the north of England to make to weave the cotton fabric for this cloth, before Simon expertly cuts, sews and finishes the cloth for your table. This cloth is perfect for playing cards on or for covering small dining tables. It’s washable and carbon neutral and fantastic quality

6. Emporium – Premium Quality Playing Cards


These playing cards use our own brand premium 330 playing card board stock and have an elegant gold trimmed card back design. These are standard playing card size, so can be used for a variety of card games like Bridge and Whist through to Pontoon or Snap!

7. Penhallow’s 100% Merino Wool Cloths


Brand new for 2018 are these Penhallow’s 100% Merino Wool Cloths. The baize is made from 100% British Merino wool and produced by a renown british textiles company. Simon then lovingly crafts this premium fabric into a cloth fit for the finest tables! The baize itself is a faced cloth with the uppermost surface having an irresistible iridescence.

8. Harlequin Luxury Pen Set – Personalised Presentation Box


This set of brilliant gold-plated and enameled pens, contains four pens in four fun and funky colours. Each pen has the suit symbols (clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds) in gold repeated in a repeating Harlequin pattern. Furthermore personalisation can be added to the presentation box.

Did You Like Our Christmas Gifts for Bridge Players?

We hope we helped you find a perfect Christmas Gift for the Bridge player in your life. If you’re looking for more inspiration then visit our dedicated gifts for Bridge Players page.

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