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Apr 26th

Why Face Masks Still Matter

There is no doubt the vaccine rollout in the UK has been nothing short of miraculous. Offering peace of mind from the immediate danger of the original Coronavirus strain. But face masks still matter and have a role to play.

Why Wearing a Face Mask Still Matters

With the onset of spring, the lockdown easing and a high percentage of the population now fully vaccinated against Coronavirus Covid-19, its easy to think that control measures are no longer necessary.

There is no doubt the vaccine offers protection against coronavirus by mitigating the effects of the virus. There is also evidence to suggest that the vaccines also prevent onward transmission. However, the virus has been changing and spreading. These changes in the virus haven’t been tested fully with the current vaccines. Furthermore the virus can mutate quickly and easily without notice.

This means that Personal Protective Equipment, even when vaccinated is still an incredibly important control measure.

For More Than Coronavirus

What the pandemic has taught all of us, is that PPE has proved effective in controlling other viruses. The rate of the common cold and regular flu also fell as a result of universal mask-wearing, using hand sanitiser as well as the most difficult measure of social distancing.
In Japan it has been common practice for many years to wear a face mask when suffering from a cold or flu, in order to prevent and reduce transmission. This a rather nice, socially responsible approach, that would be a good outcome if people in the west also adopted it after the worst of the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Face Masks and Hand Protection

We have two different styles of face mask. The plain cotton face masks, we stock are available in three subtle colours that will co-ordinate with whatever you choose to wear. For the avid Bridge players – or any card player for that matter – our playing card suit symbols face mask is a winner.
EcoFriendly Face Masks Bridge Cough Catcher

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