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Dec 7th

10 Gift Ideas for Card Players This Christmas

Please Note: We first published this article in 2017 and some of the products listed here are now out of stock. We have since created a more up-to-date list – click here. Thank you

AS a premium UK outlet for Bridge aficionados and card players alike, we decided to create a top 10 gift ideas for card players, to inspire you.

We have been steadily carving out a niche based around exclusive and high quality card gaming equipment. Everything we stock we source from the best manufacturers we can find and increasingly, we are sourcing as many of our products as possible from within the UK. Furthermore we are slowly but surely building up own brand lines, which are made by us exclusively in our workshop in Devizes.

Below are our top 10 gift ideas for card players this Christmas, starting with the cheapest and moving through to the most decadent!

1. Gaming Chips

Card gaming chips

Opening up our top ten of gift ideas is a true classic and one that every competitive card player needs to have. These gaming chips are available in a number of different colours and are perfect card games that use chips; Poker, Blackjack, Mousel or Schwimmen/Knack.

Price £1.99

2. Slanted Playing Card Jotting Pad

Slanted Playing Card Jotting Pad

Available in a convenient size, this pad makes an ideal stocking filler for the notetaker in your life. This slanted jotting pad is perfect for shopping lists or for taking down telephone messages. For the serious card player it makes a perfect pad to score points on for card games like Rummy, Canasta and Whist.

Price £3.50

3. Labrador Playing Card Gift Set

Labrador Playing Card Gift Set

An ideal gift for any lover of gundogs. This gift set features two of the nation’s favourite dog breeds, the joyful springer spaniel and the soft and gentle labrador. Each set contains two packs of cards with beautiful illustrations of the dogs, pencils and a scorepad of your choice, cover of which proudly displaying a magnificent black labrador. Furthermore the sets come smartly packaged in a drop lid presentation box.

Price £26.95

4. Personalised Playing Cards

Personalised Playing Cards

This twin pack of luxurious personalised playing cards is bound to be a hit with every serious card player. These boxes of cards are made exclusively by us and then are personalised to your specification. A special gift that shows that wonderful person in your life that you really care.

Prices Starting from £29.99

5. Personalised Pen Set

Personalised Pen Set

An elegant set of luxury gold plated “Harlequin” design ball point pens. The barrel of the pens come in four accent colours (yellow, blue, red and green) all of which complement the gold plating perfectly. This set comes in a FREE personalised gift box to make it uniquely yours.

Price £34.99 (including personalisation service)

6. Luxury Wooden Card Holder

luxury wooden playing card holder

Crafted from aromatic Thuya burr wood with an incredible figure and sourced from a sustainable supplier in Morocco, this luxury playing card holder will be sure to wow every card player and will be sure to be a cherished item for years to come.

Price £39.95

7. Luxury Personalised Bridge Gift Set

As a leading supplier for Bridge, no top ten gift ideas for card players would be complete without at least one bridge specific gift. This Luxury Personalised Bridge Gift Set contains everything a Bridge lover could ask for. Each set contains personalised playing cards, personalised score cards (choose either rubber or chicago style) and pencils. The whole set comes sumptuously packaged in a handmade silk-covered presentation box, made by hand at our Devizes workshop.

Price from £59.99

8. Velvet Card Table Cloth

Velvet Card Table Cloth

Produced by Master craftsman, Simon Lucas, here in the workshop, this glorious Velvet Card Table Cloth is available in three colour options, Navy Blue, Burgundy and Green. Each cloth is made using luxuriously soft 100% cotton velvet, finished with a wide classic woven gold Greek Key border in accented with gold and mitred in each corner. This really is a stunning Table Cloth and would add a touch of opulence to any home.

Price £139.95

9. Premium Folding Wooden Card Table

Premium Folding Wooden Card Table

This Premium Folding Card Table is a top-of-the-range model. Made from solid wood construction and finished with a rich brown mahogany lacquer finish and topped with a hardwaring terracotta fabric for the playing surface. This playing card table is real treat for any card player, not only that it looks great in the home and works very well as an additional table for social occassions.

Price £294.95

10. Dal Negro Large Round Gaming Table

Dal Negro Large Round Gaming Table

Lastly the most decadent item in our list and truly one for the person with deep pockets to spend on their loved one. The rather wonderful Dal Negro large round gaming table. Not only is this a fantastic piece of premium Italian craftsmanship, it hosts a whole range of entertaining games including: chess, backgammon and roulette. This table will not only impress your guests with its beautiful Cherry and Toulipier wood construction, but will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Price £5,368.00

What Are Your Gift Ideas for Card Players?

We hope this article inspired you! Perhaps we missed something out? If you have any beautiful gift ideas you’d like to share with us please leave a comment below.

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