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Feb 27th

Refelting A Card Table? Read This First

If you’re thinking of refelting a card table, here’s some information you might find useful before you buy fabric.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: Are you sure you are after felt? Most card tables are covered in Baize. The two fabrics get easily confused, but differ greatly.

Simply put, felt is a matted fabric whereas baize is a woven fabric. Because of these two fundamental differences, baize is far more hardwearing than felt. However not all Baizes are created equal!

Best Fabric for Recovering Card Tables

Baize is a superior fabric for this job. Chances are that the fabric you think is felt on your old table, is in fact cheap baize. Cheap baize is very thin, with a wide weave (spaces between the warp and weft). Cheap baize in that respect is about as hardwearing and durable as felt is.

The baizes we stock on our dedicated baize fabric website is baize as it should be. The baizes stocked are made from 95% to 100% wool with an incredibly tight weave. The yarn that makes the fabric is itself thick, meaning that per square gram, these baizes are heavier. Additionally we only stock quality British made baize, made to a heritage standard. Some antique tables need thin baize, and we have baizes in our range that are perfect for that job too! If you’re looking for a specific thickness, please get in touch via Baize and Wool and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re refurbishing your card table with baize that we stock, you’ll be investing in the future. Not only will the baize last longer (decades as opposed to months), it won’t pill up or get bobbles on the surface either, which means that it will look newer for far longer. Also if you buy from us via Baize and Wool, Simon has years of experience when it comes to covering card tables and will be happy to help with any queries regarding the best techniques to use.

Are You Still Refelting a Card Table?

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you that refelting a card table is better done with a quality baize.

We are experts in handling and working with this fantastic material, and the fabrics we stock on Baize and Wool are the same ones we use to make our world renowned table cloths.

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