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Feb 27th

Refelting A Card Table? Read This First


If you’re thinking of refelting a card table, here’s some information you might find useful before you buy fabric.

The first question you need to ask yourself is: Are you sure you are after felt? Most card tables are covered in Baize. The two fabrics get easily confused, but differ greatly.

Simply put, felt is a matted fabric whereas baize is a woven fabric. Because of these two fundamental differences, baize is far more hardwearing than felt. However not all Baizes are created equal!

Best Fabric for Recovering Card Tables

Baize is a superior fabric for this job. Chances are that the fabric you think is felt on your old table, is in fact cheap baize. Cheap baize is very thin, with a wide weave (spaces between the warp and weft). Cheap baize in that respect is about as hardwearing and durable as felt is.

The baizes we stock on our dedicated baize fabric website is baize as it should be. The baizes stocked are made from 95% to 100% wool with an incredibly tight weave. The yarn that makes the fabric is itself thick, meaning that per square gram, these baizes are heavier. Additionally we only stock quality British made baize, made to a heritage standard. Some antique tables need thin baize, and we have baizes in our range that are perfect for that job too! If you’re looking for a specific thickness, please get in touch via Baize and Wool and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re refurbishing your card table with baize that we stock, you’ll be investing in the future. Not only will the baize last longer (decades as opposed to months), it won’t pill up or get bobbles on the surface either, which means that it will look newer for far longer. Also if you buy from us via Baize and Wool, Simon has years of experience when it comes to covering card tables and will be happy to help with any queries regarding the best techniques to use.

Are You Still Thinking of Refelting a Card Table?

Hopefully by now we’ve convinced you that refelting a card table is better done with a quality baize.

We are experts in handling and working with this fantastic material, and the fabrics we stock on Baize and Wool are the same ones we use to make our world renowned table cloths.

On our dedicated fabrics store, we have a wide range of precut baize squares that are ideal for recovering playing card tables.

Kits for Refelting a Card Table

We now offer kits for recovering your card table. Each kit contains everything you need to refelt a folding card table (the type that has a board in the centre that the baize wraps over), and we even include step-by-step instructions! It’s so simple and straightforward. Each kit contains:

  • A square of baize, heritage grade (95% wool), in a choice of colours
  • Double-sided tape, for tool-free tensioning. Special 5m length, perfect for one table with no waste
  • Baize glue, specially formulated for attaching baize to wood
  • 10mm glue brush, the perfect width for applying the glue
  • Step-by-step instructions booklet

View our range of Card Table Recovering Kits now!

Card Table Recovering Kits

12 thoughts on “Refelting A Card Table? Read This First

  1. Barbara Murray

    Hi, I have unsuccessfully covered a card table which my grandmother used for her bridge parties in the 50’s.
    I used green felt but the table top is no longer flush and comes away.
    Do you know of anyone in Northern Ireland who could replace it with Heritage Baize as Nd repair the table top.
    I use it often when my grandchildren are playing cards or doing jigsaws.
    So for this and sentimental reasons I would love it to be in full working condition.

    • SLBS Team

      We don’t keep a list of upholsterers I’m afraid, but recovering a card table is quite straightforward to do, and your local upholsterer or furniture restorer shouldn’t have any difficulty. What most people do is either specify that they’d like their table covered in baize from us, or they buy the baize and supply it to the person or firm that’s going to do the re-covering. If the upholsterer or restorer would like to discuss methods or adhesives with us, please ask them to give us a call after you’ve purchased the baize from us.

  2. Paula Linn

    I have just purchased baize from yourselves to recover an old card table. Please could you advise me as to which adhesive you would recommend I use? Thank you

    • SLBS Team

      Hi Paula, many thanks for your purchase. Simon has written a note about adhesives and we’ve popped it in with your order.

  3. Jamie W

    Hi, Like the comment above, I have also just purchased baize for an old card table – do you think you could tell me which adhesive to use?



    • SLBS Team

      Hi Jamie,

      Many thanks for your purchase of baize. Simon has emailed details of the adhesive that he recommends. Good luck with the recovering, and enjoy using your rejuvenated table!


  4. Mr Bernard pitt

    what adhesive would you recommend for recovering a card table?

    • SLBS Team

      We’ve had a glue developed specifically for recovering card tables. Called Baize Glue, it is silky smooth to apply and has a long open time so that you can take your time to get the position of the baize correct. When dry, it forms a very strong bond. The glue has the added advantage of being reversible, so when your table needs recovering again in the future, the glue can be removed with warm water, saving any sanding and stripping down. We now offer kits for recovering card tables too, and these contain a booklet of step-by-step instructions.

  5. Sharon Savasi

    I am about to purchase baize to recover my Mums old card table . Also to renovate the wood surrounds! However I don’t know which thickness of baize I would need to order, can you shed light?
    Thank you

    • SLBS Team

      Dear Sharon,

      Generally speaking our Standard Baize is used to recover card tables, particularly those that have a board within a frame which you remove to recover, attaching the baize to the underside. Our widest selection of colours of precut squares for this job is on our other website, Baize & Wool.

      However, some antique tables are solid and the baize sits in a shallow recess on the top surface. In this instance, I would need to know how deep the recess is in order to advise you as to which baize would be best. If this is the case, I advise measuring the depth of the existing baize and letting me know.

      If you need any further help, I’m happy to help.


  6. Dr Tim Robinson

    I have a Vono folding card table where the baize has got worn and needs replacing. Is this something that I can do and if so is there an easy guide for the work?

    • SLBS Team

      Dear Tim,

      Vono tables are pretty straightforward to recover. I recommend a 34” precut square of our Standard Baize (you have a choice of 7 colours), a roll of our double sided tape and you’ll need some glue (we’ll be launching our own brand of glue shortly, specially developed for this purpose). There’s no published guide at the time of writing but I’m happy to talk any of our customers through the process when they’ve purchased baize from us.

      All the best,

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